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Evangelist Paul Davis is a dynamo, whose life and ministry is a testimony to the saving power of God. He has ministered in 40 countries and 6 continents of the world. Countless lives have been saved, healed and delivered through his global outreach. His spirit of faith and passion for life deposits a needed zeal in those to whom he ministers and further empowers God's people to live victoriously. The audacity and intensity with which Paul lives no matter what he is doing is contagious and imparts an aggressive boldness, tenacity and faith to arise and conquer!

Paul has written several books, three of which are have been published: A State of Emergency, Holy Ghost Fire or Hell Fire?, and The Waves of God. Paul has planted two churches in the Pacific islands of Vanuatu. He is ordained with Living Waters Church under the oversight of Pastor Carlos Sarmiento, Paul's former youth Pastor from Benny Hinn's former church in Orlando. Paul birthed and oversees R Generation a campus ministry at UCF and also pastors the youth at Bread of Life Chinese Church in Oviedo.

Honed by God Himself in the furnace of affliction and adversity, Paul's ability to identify with the hurting enables him to heal the broken hearted and make the way of the Lord plain to the hearers. Paul ministry transcends racial, denominational, gender, and generational barriers building bridges and bringing down walls of indifference. His ministry produces lasting effect, impacting people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Paul has a prophetic anointing that often takes him to war torn nations to bring repentance and reconciliation. The hand of God is heavy upon Paul and has often protected him when in harm's way. Paul's spirit of faith continually keeps him launching out into the deep with nothing but God Himself to uphold him. Some of the dangerous places where he has ministered are: Pakistan, Cuba (during economic embargo in 1996), Taiwan prior to mainland China's threat to invade them in 1996, East Timor during the war in 1999, Indonesia, North India, Burma, and NYC's Ground Zero the first 10 days after the 9-11 attack.

Paul's humor, personal stories from the heart, divine revelation and insight enable him to effectively disarm and connect with people while communicating the Gospel. The depth of the Word and anointing of the Spirit brings an added dimension to each service, ensuring breakthrough for those in need.

Paul is an honor graduate from the University of Central Florida. He earned a Liberal Studies degree with an emphasis in business and communications, before going to law school for a year (NY and Hong Kong). Paul is a graduate from Spirit Life Bible College, where he studied divinity. Paul received advanced training from Reid & Associates in interview and interrogation; attended U. of Washington and Harvard for Strategic Negotiation and Dealmaking. Paul studied transformational leadership at Georgetown. Occupationally, Paul has possessed many licenses and certificates to lifeguard, sell and appraise real estate, and mediate at the county court level. Professionally Paul is a member of the National Speakers Association, a consultant, counselor, negotiator, real estate investor and entrepreneur. One of Paul's favorite part time jobs is to teach English to foreign learners which he is certified with Trinity College (London) to do, a job that provides multinational interaction and affords him the ability to pick up and go live in any country of the world when desirable.

Paul ministers weekly in Central Florida to University and High school students through R Generation, his campus ministry. As a highly sought after guest speaker, Paul maintains a rigorous traveling ministry both in the USA and overseas throughout the year. In addition to that, Paul has written several books, three of which are already in print.

The breakthrough anointing God has given Paul both strengthens and removes limitations hindering personal growth. His preaching settles you in God's family and mightily empowers you to be all that you can be in God's army.

Because Paul has been forgiven much he also loves much! Paul's love for God and humanity melts the hardest of hearts. The same love that God used to lift and liberate him enables Paul to powerfully minister across denominational and racial lines. His prophetic insight and Spirit led humor bless and stirs ministers and their congregations.

Paul's keen ability to hear God's voice and follow His leading adds another dimension to his ministry. The Spirit of the Lord often moves dramatically and mightily through entire churches setting things in order and settling relational issues among church members in need of reconciliation. God's Spirit touches those in need bringing revival to even the most stiff-necked. The depth of God's Word within Paul nourishes and refreshes the hearers and creates in them a hunger for more of God! The end result when Paul leaves, people stop fighting one another and aggressively go forth to fight the fight of faith and make their world a better place.

Major Accomplishments:

BS, Cum Laude, University of Central Florida

M-Divinity, Spirit Life Bible College

Missionary Statesman/Humanitarian Work (6 Continents, 40 Countries)

Teacher of English to Foreign Learners, TEFL certified

Self-Starter/Leader, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor/Appraiser,

Negotiator, Mediator, Interrogator

Professional Experience:

TEFL – Taipei, Taiwan (1995-1996); Bournemouth, England – European Learners (1997); Orlando, Florida, USA - South American, European and Asian Learners (2000-2002)

Davis Homes – Builder/Contractor assistant

Real Estate Investment – Land and Rental Property Investments/Development

Rgeneration – Campus Minister UCF

SOTM –Training National Leaders and The Next Generation

Public Speaking (40 countries and 6 continents) – NSA (National Speakers Assoc. Member)


FL Real Estate Salesman, Appraiser (formerly held certification/license)

B.S., Cum Laude, Liberal Studies (Business and Communications): University of Central Florida, GPA: 3.2, Orlando FL

Masters – Divinity, Spirit Life Bible College, Charter Class Graduate, Operation 500 Missions (Two Years Ministering Throughout Asia)

TESOL: (Trinity College, London; International Training Network) 1997

Brooklyn Law School/University of Hong Kong – One Year of Law School, Internship in Shipping Law (Hong Kong)

Interrogation and Interviews Advanced Training - Reid & Associates

Mediation – Interpersonal Conflict Management, Inc. (FL Supreme Court certified)

Arbitration – Arbitration without a Contract: Disputes Involving Investment and Other Treaties (Intn’l Center for Dispute Resolution)

Negotiation – U. of Washington; Harvard - Strategic Negotiation and Dealmaking

Georgetown – Transformational Leadership

Personal Fitness Training - Aerobics Fitness Assoc. of America and 24 Hour Fitness

Professional Affiliations: National Speakers Assoc., Aerobics Fitness Assoc. of America (Fitness Trainer), Lifeguard (YMCA), Published Poet (National Library of Poetry), Rgeneration, United Campus Ministry – UCF, Sons of Thunder Ministries, Bread of Life Chinese Church, Living Waters Church, G-12 Bethany Network of Churches

In a world filled with unique individuals, when it comes to personality there are only four different temperaments and 16 types of people. Understanding these personality types and mastering your own can be the keys to achieving your goals.

Paul’s temperament is the Idealist (NF). Idealists are rare, making up no more than 10 to 15 percent of the population. Yet their ability to inspire people with their enthusiasm and idealism has given them influence far beyond their numbers. Paul’s particular personality type, the Teacher (ENFJ), is even scarcer. Individuals of Paul’s type make up little more than two percent of the total population.

Idealists are seekers focused on both personal journeys and human potentials. Firing others' imaginations is a skill Paul takes pride in. Paul enjoys helping people dream up new potentials for themselves and the world around them. However even more than this ability, perhaps Paul’s greatest strength may lie in his ability to believe in those whom he teaches. Looking for the best in people, Paul pulls out the best from the people he surrounds himself with. By clearly communicating his faith in the untold potential within each individual, Paul’s confidence inspires people to grow and develop more than they ever thought possible.

In whatever roles Paul takes on, people will be his highest priority. Paul often instinctively communicates his personal concern for others and his willingness to become involved where needed. This warm, outgoing nature can make Paul the most expressive of all the personality types, as can his knack for using language. This is especially true when he is communicating face to face.

Paul rarely hesitates to let his feelings be known. At times he absolutely bubbles with enthusiasm. Because Paul is able to imbue the things he says with a dramatic flourish, he is a charismatic public speaker. This verbal ability affords Paul a good deal of influence in groups. It is for this reason he is often asked to take on a leadership role.

Paul has a well-developed sense of intuition. It allows him to be highly sensitive to others. Paul’s strong inner beliefs and core values are a guide for empowering others. Paul teaches individuals to better meet their own needs through self-knowledge and mutual understanding. Paul’s sense of reward comes from seeing how his efforts have resulted in others' growth, healing, and progress.

Paul is wired to pursue personal growth, authenticity, and integrity. Paul yearns to develop himself fully as an individual and to facilitate that growth in others. Mikhael Gorbachev and Oprah Winfrey are both ENFJs (Idealist Teachers) too! In that classically unique category of merely 2% of the population of Idealist Teachers, Paul proves to be a gem both to the corporate world and the individual seeking progress and to maximize their full potential.